The UB Hank Band

The Story Continues!

Filed under: Band — 5 mei 2013 @ 7:07 am

The UB Hank Band started up in 1999, and quickly made a name for them selves with their unique twin lead guitars and tight rhythm section. Over the years they were invited to play at festivals in the UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Denmark and several times in Germany. With the sad loss of bassguitarist and musical leader Hoss van Hardeveld, it all seemed to have come to an end in 2011.

Due to popular demand and the recent stepping in from the very able and suitable Arild Brekken, the show now can continue!¬†Arild is well known within the Shadows family as the bass player of the Norwegian instrumental band The Reflections. The UB’s have met Arild several times at various festivals over the years, and we have always gotten on very well; see picture from Nyborg/Denmark, 2010. His influences include Alan Jones, Alan Tarney and John Rostill which enable us to cover new ground.